The 100 Most Influential Men of the Bible
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The 100 Most Influential Men of the Bible

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Meet the most influential men of the Bible— some you’ll admire, others you’d avoid, a few you’d probably like to slug. The men of the Bible are a varied bunch—from the flawless Jesus to the sensual Samson to the traitorous Judas. Their stories fill the pages of scripture, ancient tales of power and pain, failure and fulfillment, battles and blessing that still ring true in our twenty-first century culture. Get to know Abraham, relying on God—most of the time Bartimaeus, needy and willing to ask for help David, incredibly good—and dramatically bad Mordecai, standing for truth whatever the cost Uriah, caught in the crossfire of another’s sin Zacchaeus, the outcast who found a home Famous, not-so-famous, or infamous, each man’s life provides a lesson for you today. Grab hold of the truths you discover in The 100 Most Influential Men of the Bible—and become more, every day, the man God wants you to be.

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