Our Story

Welcome to Posey & Jett's! We're dedicated to giving our customers the very best gifts with a focus on comfort, hope, happiness and joy.

Founded right at the start of the 2020 pandemic, our original business plan was to sell adorable Warmies® that made their way into the heart of our grandson Jett when he was a toddler. But as our store grew both in our community and online, we found there was a need for other gift giving options. And it wasn't just in products, but in the meaning behind the gifts - care and compassion. Our gifts were finding their ways into the hands and homes of those going through not only the day-to-day life, but many facing life challenges as well.

So we quickly expanded our line of products as well as our impact on our customers with our Blessing Bags. Whether you visit our store in-person or online we believe our gifts, resources and encouragement will provide a much needed light to not only your home, but in the homes of your loved ones too.


~ Kevin & Becky Brehm, Owners

Grandkids with their Warmies®

Our inspiration: Jonah, Jett and Jacoby snuggling with their favorite Warmies®