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"As a foster care momma, I can personally tell you I have seen wonders with our Warmies. Our kiddos have been through so many hardships and losses at such a young age. Sleep is our battle EVERY night. Will there be nightmares? Will I even get sleep tonight? Ever since we introduced these warm, fuzzy, lavender infused animals into our house, we have found so much comfort. These kids are actually sleeping, I'm actually sleeping, and yes, there are nightmares, but there is always something to squeeze tight at night during the nightmares. We are so thankful for Warmies."

Chelsey Steckley

"I fell in love with the animals themselves at first! Then when I talked to Becky about the benefits and perks of Warmies, I was sold. My daughter has a really hard time adjusting to certain things and bed time, I suffer from extreme migraines and horrible sciatic pain. We were gifted our Warmies by a friend and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! My husband, who isn't a believer in these things, used it once and said 'OK, OK, you got me, I will use it'. Our Warmies have made a new friendship in our home and completely helped my daughter and work wonders on my migraines. I seriously can't wait to get other Warmie products!! We LOVE Ms. Becky!! 

Sarah Thompson

"Our family LOVES our warmies! Our boys LOVE snuggling these to go to sleep! Mine came in handier, (outside of just an amazing, warm, snuggly friend to fall asleep with), faster than I would have ever wanted when I ended up with an ear infection and ruptured ear drum! The heat was such a relief and the lavender smelled amazing! Plus, I didn’t have to try and finagle a warm/wet cloth or flimsy heating pad! My little warmie friend just sat nicely on my shoulder!
We now have one full-size friend for each person in the house and a little bonus mini; with more to come I’m sure!"

Brittney Luchterhand

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