She Believed She Was - Holley Gerth

She Believed She Was - Holley Gerth

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In her journal, She Believed She Was Loved & It Made Her Brave, Holley Gerth provides a beautiful place to write down your thoughts and prayers, take notes, make lists or capture ideas. This Christian journal will also remind your heart of God's love for you and His faithfulness in your life through encouraging quotes by Holley and other inspiring writers.

She believed she was loved & it made her brave —Holley Gerth

Sample copy:
God is still writing your story—it's not finished yet. He alone
holds the pen that gets to write, "The End." —Holley Gerth

Holley Gerth is cofounder of (in)courage as well as a best-selling author of several books, wife to Mark, follower of Jesus, and friend to YOU. She'd love to have coffee with you. As the next best thing, she hopes you'll stop by and say hello at her site at


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