Sensory 4" Ball Assortment

Sensory 4" Ball Assortment

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These irresistible fuzzy and squishy balls keep kids safe and entertained for hours at end. The velvety surface provides sensory stimulation. The perfect size for one-handed or two-handed play. They bounce well making them versatile toys for many games. Made from natural rubber foam, they are soft enough for little hands to squeeze. The soft material keeps kids safe and is great for children with special needs. This durable toy is fun and teaches something new at every age! Developmental Benefits: - Velvety flocked texture provides tactile stimulation. - Great for developing fine and gross motor skills! Ages: 1+ Special Needs: - Additional sensory input is helpful in many ways - for sensory development, as a fidget or comfort toy. - Safely practice and develop motor skills with this soft material. Contents: Golf ball, navalmine ball, bubble ball, torpedo ball, crater ball, bumpy ball.

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