Roy Lessin - Like Those Who Dream

Roy Lessin - Like Those Who Dream

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Roy Lessin, co-founder of the largest Christian greeting card company in the world, has lived a life of God's surprises. Raised in a Jewish home in the Bronx, and spiraling into deep rebellion in his teens, no one would ever have guessed that a series of events in his young-adult years would lead to a personal relationship with the living Christ and a career dedicated to His service.

Like Those Who Dream chronicles his story in his own words, including his formative college years, his calling into the ministry of writing, the founding of DaySpring, and the many personal, spiritual, and leadership lessons he's learned along the way. It is Roy Lessin's autobiography, but even more, it is the story of a God who sees and speaks and works in human lives, told as only Roy can tell it.

"Roy Lessin has been a friend for many years. I've seen and benefited from his ability to share God's amazing love for each of us through DaySpring Cards. And here he shares about his own life. He has a gift to help us be keenly aware of how God is moving in and through our lives. You'll leave these pages with a stronger faith in God's care for you. He is with us daily in every little detail. Like Those Who Dream is honest, transparent, powerful, and inspiring. Its life lessons will draw you to embrace and see each moment of life as filled with God's love. It's a MUST read!"
- Dan Brokke, President of Bethany International

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