Color Timer 0-60 minutes
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Color Timer 0-60 minutes

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★ NEW TIME MANAGEMENT TOOL FOR TODDLERS, PRESCHOOLERS & KIDS: 60-minute visual countdown timer ★ HOW TO USE COLOR TIMER : Twist clockwise the central button to set the duration (0-60 minutes), when the disc is gone, time is up, it's ringing. ★ THANKS TO COLOR TIMER: AVOID POWER STRUGGLES by letting your child know what to expect & when - EMPOWER your preschooler with knowledge about time – Help your preschooler BE PATIENT. ★ COLORED NUMBERS to help preschoolers understand the passage of time. No worries if your little one can't count to 60, you can use colors to help him/her situate her/himself in time. ★ HIGH QUALITY TIMER: Shock resistant ABS, Acrylic Window, Very Quiet, 3 or 60 Seconds Alarm Duration, Loud or Quiet Alarm, 3x3 inches ★ TESTED & APPROVED BY PRESCHOOL TEACHERS

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