Beautiful Girlhood
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Beautiful Girlhood

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Timeless truths for girls in a rapidly changing world. Girls, you have more opportunities today than ever before. But whatever your dreams, a good life starts with a good character. Offering practical wisdom on the issues that every girl faces—all from a biblical perspective—beautiful girlhood will help you reach what it calls “the perfection of womanhood.” Mabel hale wrote more than a hundred years ago, but her message is truly timeless: every girl must consciously pursue godly character. In 33 short chapters, beautiful girlhood offers enduring wisdom for 10–14-year-olds, on topics such as. Character building. Obedience. Our speech. Truthfulness. Ambition. Purpose. The value of reading. Responsibility. And much more. As the author says, “youth has its problems, its heartaches, and disappointments. It is not always a smooth path to the perfection of womanhood. Sie: 5 x 7.

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