Unbreakable Bonds

Unbreakable Bonds

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Story As one of Irish descent, I was unbelievably excited for these two St. Patrick’s Day ZOX to release. Chelsea, who is also of Irish descent, and I fawned over these throughout the process of her creating the art. They were just so beautiful! This one, though, has a special place in my heart. I adore this design, and I love the name of it.  Inspired by one of many Celtic knots, Unbreakable Bonds represents those relationships that you know will last a lifetime and beyond. For many of us, we’re lucky enough to have one incredible person who stands by our sides through it all; some even have many. I know that I don’t thank them enough for being my rock and source of laughter each and every day, but I should more often, and I hope you find your people and thank them, too.

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