Toddler Pillow With Pillowcase (Unicorn Dreams)

Toddler Pillow With Pillowcase (Unicorn Dreams)

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Nurture Your Child's Growing Development With KeaBabies Printed Pillowcases For Toddlers and Kids Your toddler is at an explorative stage of growth where every little thing piques his/her curiosity and fascinates him/her. As a parent, you would want to nurture their curiosity and kickstart their learning journey through their daily routine. Introducing them to their very own lovey toddler pillow with cute printed designs is a great way to start! Cute Printed Design Is your child a fan of rainbows and unicorns? Then this is the perfect pillow for your little one! Featuring cute unicorns and rainbows in sweet pastels, KeaBabies My Little Dreamy Pillow will be your little one's favorite sleep companion! 100% Natural & Soft Cotton Young children have delicate and sensitive skin, and sleep is one of the most important functions of a toddler's life, which also takes up most of their time. Keep their face free from irritants by choosing the right type of fabric for their pillow.
Made in China

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