Though She Be But Little

Though She Be But Little

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Story The story behind the original Though she be but little, she is fierce is without a doubt, my favorite piece I have ever written. I wrote it to my future daughter before I ever even had one. Since that time, I've been blessed with the most amazing baby girl a dad could ever wish for - my daughter Luna.  Below is the original story from the first variation of the ZOX. I hope you enjoy it.  ___________ When thinking about how to write the story for this Strap, I decided to write it to the daughter I hope to have someday. Here it is:  Hello my dear,  It's me, your dad. We haven't met yet but I feel like I see you already. I think about you as I watch your brothers play in the living room, imagining Sven trying to give you hugs and Mars kissing your cheeks.

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