This Time, I Choose Myself

This Time, I Choose Myself

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Story For some reason, the word “no'' seems difficult for many people to say. Someone very close to me, though I shall not name them, says yes to too many things - trapping themselves in a plethora of agreements and responsibilities. The problem with agreeing to too much is stress or unhappiness. Sometimes, you have to say no for the sake of your own happiness. And that’s okay. Unfortunately, we can’t please everyone in this life, but it’s important to please ourselves, too. If we work too hard, spread ourselves too thin, we’re likely to endure the costs of it through anxiety, stress, fatigue, and unhappiness. Sometimes, you have to choose yourself and your own happiness over potentially hurting yourself in the process of making others happy. There’s plenty of opportunities to help others, my friend. May this Single encourage you to take some time for yourself now and then. It’s okay to do so. I promise. Be bold, Landri Artist Daneisha Kirksey

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