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  • Challenge friends and family (ages 4 and up) to a classic target game with a POP!
  • Set includes 22"L x 28"W x 49½"H target board, 2 blasters and 24 soft foam balls
  • 5 scoring targets feature mesh pockets
  • Colorful yellow and green balls emerge with a cool popping sound and fly fast through the air
  • Skill-building play: improve hand-eye coordination and encourage good sportsmanship with this multigenerational, family-friendly game
  • Lightweight, packable structure is easy to assemble
  • Perfect game for a birthday party or family get-together
  • Ages 4 and up.

POP! Send soft foam balls flying through the air fast as lightning with our Target Blaster Game! The perfect late-night sleepover game or birthday party activity, this game appeals to all ages and encourages good sportsmanship while improving hand-eye coordination (sneaky, huh?)

The lightweight 22"L x 28"W x 49½"H target board is easy to assemble, and includes 5 scoring targets with mesh pockets to catch and contain the balls as they hit their target. 2 cool blasters shoot out 24 foam balls with a resounding popping noise. Go ahead and rack up those points—it's a fun way to get some extra math practice!

Take this portable two-player game with you wherever the fun beckons—it's so easy to assemble and break down. Adult assembly required.

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