Superhero Doll Boy Backpack

Superhero Doll Boy Backpack

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Gloveleya Doll Backpack, also known as “Superhero”, is every baby’s dream backpack to have. With the superhero’s signature smile, colorful and ultra-soft features, it is without question this is the perfect backpack for your baby to carry outside and inside.  


The size of the backpack is 9*7*3 Inches in standing. The loading space in backward is 9*7*3 Inches and the space of frontal is 7*7*0.6 Inches. The weight of the backpack is only about 7 oz(198g), which is perfect for your kids when going to the zoo, playing at the park, going to kindergarten, traveling, and any other outdoor activities all day. 

You can be confident in knowing that we develop our backpack with extremely proper care. During production, we ensure every seam is tight and impeccably stitched with cross-stitching on the inside to withstand your baby’s cute aggression.

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