Pull-Back Knuckle-Headz (Singles)
Pull-Back Knuckle-Headz (Singles)
Pull-Back Knuckle-Headz (Singles)
Skullduggery, Inc.

Pull-Back Knuckle-Headz (Singles)

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  • Knuckle Headz combine the fun of a fast and furious pull back race car with the crazy action of a demolition derby for all out racing mayhem!
  • Knuckle Headz feature crazy drivers who are ready to lose their heads to win the race - a square hit to the front of the car and the driver's head will fly into the sky!
  • Pull the cars back along any hard, flat surface and let go to see them fly across the room and crash into the blockade you have created or each other!
  • See how straight you can point the car so it will hit its target or set up your own ramp for daredevil demolition stunts
  • For ages 3 years and older

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