Prayers to Share : Grace

Prayers to Share : Grace

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God loves people beyond measure. And He smiles in delight when we love, encourage, and care for each other. In Prayers to Share: 100 Pass-Along Notes for Grace, you’ll have 100 unique opportunities to remind friends, family members, even total strangers of an awesome, loving Father who is rich in mercy and abounding in love. Each tear-out includes a heartfelt prayer, corresponding Scripture, inspirational quote, and space on the back for a handwritten note.

Prayers To Share
100 Pass-Along Notes
for Grace

Sample Copy:
It's no surprise to God
what your heart is aching
for. I've asked Him to
meet your needs in the
sweetest ways.

Your Father knows the things
you need before you ask Him
Matthew 6:8 NCV

God can do more for you in a minute
than you can do in a lifetime.
Joyce Meyer

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