Prayers to Share : Celebrate Life

Prayers to Share : Celebrate Life

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There’s always someone to celebrate! Your nephew’s graduation, your mom’s birthday, your friend’s baby shower, your sister’s new job, your coworker’s achievement…the list goes on and on. People matter so much to God—can’t you just imagine Him smiling as He sees us supporting, loving, and celebrating each other! Prayers to Share: 100 Pass-Along Notes to Celebrate Life gives you 100 opportunities to rejoice with others in the good times, to let them know you are happy for them, and to praise God for His abundant goodness. Each tear out is a reminder that God delights in us and includes a prayer, corresponding Scripture, inspirational quote, and space on the back for a handwritten note.

Prayers to Share:
100 Pass-Along Notes to
Celebrate Life

Sample Copy:
We've been praying and trusting
God for big things, haven't we? I know He hears and is answering.
I'll continue to trust, alongside you,
that He is hard at work!
Lord, every morning You hear my voice. Every morning, I tell You what I need,
and I wait for Your answer. Psalm 5:3 NCV
Give your hands to Him for His work,
your feet to walk His path, and your ears
to hear Him speak.
Priscilla Shirer

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