Kids' Illustrated 1-Minute Bible Guide
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Kids' Illustrated 1-Minute Bible Guide

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Here’s an educational book you’ll actually want to read! The Kids’ Illustrated 1-Minute Bible Guide features 1,000 important words and names from the Bible—from Aaron to Zion. Each definition is written in understandable—even fun—language to help you know your Bible better. For example: Amen: A word that many people use to end a prayer. Amen is also used to show approval and to agree with a promise. Jesus is sometimes called “the Amen” because He is good and dependable right to the end. Lucifer: Another name for Satan. Jesus said, “I saw Satan fall from heaven like a flash of lightning.” God created Satan to be a good guy. But he turned on God and became really bad. Then God kicked him out of heaven. Jesus gave us the power to stand against him. Plenty of pictures and a cool, colorful design make this the book for personal reading, school reports, or even stumping your friends with Bible questions.

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