Keep Trying Double

Keep Trying Double

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Story When we get knocked down, it’s normal for us to want to give up, to quit trying and throw it all away. It’s a universal feeling of failure. It’s never easy to fail in something we work so hard for, but failure doesn’t have to be the end-all-be-all. One of my favorite phrases is “rejection is redirection.” Put into a different perspective, failing doesn’t seem so bad.  You may study hard for an exam but fail it despite all your hard work. That failure is an opportunity to try again and do better than you did before. In all you do, it’s never going to hurt you to have an open door inviting you to work harder and redirect yourself onto a better path. I hope this incredible Strap becomes a constant reminder for you to keep going and never stop reaching for those things you’re striving for. You’re going to get there - I believe in you. Be bold, Landri Artist Jason Kuipers

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