Grow Your Own Crystals Kit-Hedgehog

Grow Your Own Crystals Kit-Hedgehog

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  • Grow-your-own crystals in the most adorable way by giving a hedgehog a back full of colorful crystal quills!
  • All-inclusive kit includes crystal powder, growing container, stir stick, 3"L x 1"W plaster base, hedgehog figure, and instructions
  • Easy STEM craft activity—just dissolve crystal powder in very hot water (being sure to stir vigorously), submerge the 3"L x 1"W hedgehog figurine in the solution, and wait 24–48 hours (adult supervision required)
  • Crystal length will vary, so no two hedgehogs will look the same!
  • Great craft to have on hand for sleepovers and play dates
  • Makes a great Easter basket filler, Christmas stocking stuffer, or small gift
  • Ages 10 and up.

Learn about chemistry in the cutest way possible—by giving this adorable Hedgehog a back full of colorful, elongated crystal quills! It's easy—just dissolve the crystal powder by stirring vigorously in boiling water (adults need to help here, please), place the hedgehog with the 3"L x 1"W plaster base in the solution, and wait 24–48 hours. Each hedgehog is unique, so no two crystal critters will look the same, and the length of the crystals will vary. A great craft to have on hand for sleepovers and play dates.

Each kit comes with everything you need to grow quills: crystal powder, a growing container, a stir stick, a plaster base, a hedgehog figure, and instructions. (Just add water!) Tip-use very hot water (with a parent's supervision) and stir the powder vigorously in order to dissolve the powder fully, creating the crystals. Adult supervision required.

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