Dough Character Accessories Set of 52
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Dough Character Accessories Set of 52

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Bring your dough creations to life! This set comes with 52 body parts and accessories in 21 different shapes. They’re versatile, non-toxic and perfect for decorating all kinds of objects. Put them on desserts, fruits, vegetables, crafts, sculptures and more. Children can add personality and create new narratives as they make new characters. Dough characters also enable children to explore different emotions such as happiness, sadness and empathy. Develop imagination, creative expression, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as children insert different accessories into dough. These accessories are made of durable plastic, so children can use them again and again.The accessories easily come clean with soap and water. Includes: 2 types of hands, 3 types of eyes, 2 types of feet, 3 types of mouth, 2 types of nose, 2 types of ears, eyebrows, a mustache, 2 hats and 3 miscellaneous appendages. For ages 3+. Size of pointy feet: 2.7"L. Size of eyebrow: 1.7"L. Dough not included. Colors

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