Butterfly Magnets S/3, Spring Decor
Roeda Studio

Butterfly Magnets S/3, Spring Decor

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"The Butterfly upon the Sky, That doesn't know its Name And hasn't any tax to pay And hasn't any Home Is just as high as you and I, And higher, I believe, So soar away and never sigh And that's the way to grieve —" - Emily Dickinson Whether they’re used to hang up pictures or as decoration on their own, our spring butterfly magnets bring a cute pop of color into your home with the fresh, new season! Each piece of Roeda decorative art is laser cut from metal and hand-painted—a magnetic work of art! Metal art magnets are designed to be combined with Roeda frames and memo boards to create whimsical, colorful, personalized art for your home. The final creation is up to you! Made in the USA. Hand-painted at Roeda Studio in Grand Rapids, MI. Easily switch magnets for the season, a holiday, or a family celebration. Includes super strong magnets that will easily hold your notes and photos. Each measures 1.4"h x 1.7"w

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