Ballerina Doll Backpack
Ballerina Doll Backpack

Ballerina Doll Backpack

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Gloveleya Doll Backpack, also known as “Spring Girl”, is every baby’s dream backpack to have. With spring girl’s signature smile, colorful and ultra-soft features, it is without question this is the perfect backpack for your baby to carry outside and inside.  


The size of the backpack is 9*7*3 Inches in standing. The loading space in backward is 9*7*3 Inches and the space of frontal is 7*7*0.6 Inches. The weight of the backpack is only about 7 oz(198g), which is perfect for your kids when going to the zoo, playing at the park, going to kindergarten, traveling and any other outdoor activities all day. 

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