365 Days of Prayer for Grief and Loss
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365 Days of Prayer for Grief and Loss

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Whether you have made prayer a habit for many years or this is your first prayer devotional, inspiration and comfort is waiting for you in the daily prayers written here.

Prayer is a conversation with God. You don’t need to use fancy words or recite long passages of Scripture. Just talk to God. Open your heart. Tell him about your depth of loss and express your grief in whatever way you need to in this moment.

Some days your prayers may be filled with grief, some days with hope, and some with need. Just lay your heart and your prayers at the Father’s feet and wait for his compassionate response.

God is the best source of comfort you will find. He knows your heart and he is full of compassion for you. Let his strength be yours as you cry out to him. He is listening to every word you say.

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